The tools collected and textually articulated here by the artist Pedro Henrique Risse come from different sources. Some have been developed for his workshops, but most existed previously in other contexts, and are however personal versions. First, because they are taken out of their “original” context – be it the method it relates to or the general purpose it was used for. Often the origin or creator are unknown, as those methods tend to be transmitted through practical workshops, appropriated and altered by their facilitators. Second, because the tools presented get their substance (in terms of experience) from how they are framed and guided as well as from how they are contextualized (in terms of purpose and background discourse) and how they are combined with other practices, concepts or metaphors.  

At each practice description, you will find at the end a sources section. It tracks as possible where the formats and principles on which they are based are coming from as well as how they came to be on this website.This is to give acknowledgement to the persons and concepts that voluntarily or not are contributing to the repertory of socially oriented aesthetic and somatic tools. And finally, as one intention of this project is to contribute to building a repertory for socially engaged professionals and collectives, the tracking and linking to other methods, professionals and theories can help expand and transform the resources available here.

If you know more about the background of any of the tools presented here or variations to it, we would be grateful for sharing your knowledge with us and contacting us so that we can expand our resources.