Tools for Making Sense Together is an online project developed by the artist Pedro Henrique Risse, in collaboration with interaction Leipzig e.V., which presents you 15 methods and practices to be applied to group processes in different contexts. The given methods and practices can be also combined into a workshop session or a collective experience in your community. 

The purpose of these practices is to create collaborative environments, in which people can sense, feel, think and act together.

The tools presented here come from different artistic backgrounds and are influenced by psychological and philosophical approaches to perception and communication. These tools also imply a relationship between embodiment and thinking together. An expanded notion of movement is central to it. Movement, here, comprehends the interdependent dynamics of thinking, feeling, perceiving, acting.

This online project is based on the workshop series “Body > Images > Words > Body: performative translations” by Pedro H. Risse, which was part of the project “Art in Translation” by interaction Leipzig e.V. and took place in 2020.

The project and the website could be realized through the kind support of the Cultural Office of the City of Leipzig.